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-> All my swing trades, I will tell you where I enter and exit 100% transparency

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-> Will mention things/techniques I never publicly mentioned before that you won't find online!


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Conditions and questions:


-> If you are on this page or have been following me you know my trading level especially on $BTC, however YOU ARE LIABLE FOR EVERY WIN OR LOSS, I share my trades which as you know are often right HOWEVER I WILL BE WRONG AT TIMES. Always manage your risk and consider your opinion first, don't follow blindly. How do you expect to improve otherwise?

-> Once signed up above, just shoot me a DM anywhere and you will get added.

-> If your trading volume is extremely low, or I see that you are trying to f*ck me over or I see anything I don't like you will get kicked out, I don't care.

-> What if I already have a BitGet account not under your referral? Make a new one, it's just 5 minutes of work.

-> Why did you make your private group free? To help more deserving people, but mainly because there are times when there is no point in trading the market, I don't want to charge people a monthly fee when I'm on vacation or the market is not worth it / just choppy for weeks/months.