The Fearless Power Suite System


New unique and precise signals


Straightforward buy and sell signals, the same we use! Stop wasting time trying to predict the market, act only when there’s a great opportunity. Applicable for every timeframe and almost every asset.

Automated best support and resistance levels


More precision, more reward. Always know where the best possible entry is, add this as confluence to your personal levels and you have easy entries without hesitation! Extremely powerful and it’s the easiest way to refine your trading right now.

Latest potential top and bottom warnings


95% of traders don’t know when to take profits! Why try getting a perfect entry only to randomly get out of a position when you could optimize both? A true game changer for any trader.

Predictable no-trade zones


Some zones are too predictable and you absolutely know you shouldn’t take some trades based on probabilities. You will be warned to not enter buys or sells and avoid disastrous trades. The first step to improve results is removing bad trades.

The trend is your friend


No signal? But still want to enter based on your own analysis? Not a problem! You will always be shown the trend and the Stop-Loss that should be used, its magic! You will be taught how to place them exactly like us.


The package - A whole journey


Complete advanced No Bullsh*t course


The system is unique, so is Victor’s trading style. 10 straight forward videos of pure no BS content on how to use the System effectively, analyzing the market and taking entries like us. Never shared before, this is our creation, not available anywhere else guaranteed. More advanced than the usual $600 course you will find online!

Over the shoulder trading plan

 and calls


If you want regular market updates and calls this for you. Get all our entries and exits for every swing taken. NO HESITATION HERE, everything is CLEAR and CONCISE.

Come see for yourself how transparent every call is. You will see the reasoning behind every move. Only short term day trades are not included to avoid confusion, but you won’t need them, trust us!



"The Kindgom" Discord community


You will be able to join our new discord serverThe Kingdom” to talk with likeminded individuals and serious traders to improve faster. No fluff or laziness allowed. Only help, good vibes and trading ideas. There are no dumb questions or theories here.

You can join here.

HUGE BONUS: 1 on 1 coaching opportunity 


Every week one lucky winner will be chosen randomly to get a 1H coaching for free with Victor. There’s NO OTHER WAY to get coaching the hourly rate would be too high.

All your questions will be answered. Throughout the discussion the main goal will be to fix your flaws and make you understand what should be done instead. This will instantly boost your trading level and it might be you! 




For those that have been following Victor since 2017 you know you can expect pure quality but to briefly recap everything this is bringing you:


     ✓ The best f*cking system available with everything needed

     ✓ Super-fast education, accelerate your learning curve with a proven method

     ✓ A well moderated community to keep you in the momentum

     ✓ The opportunity to get 1 on 1 coached

     ✓ Detailed market video analysis to be on point AT ALL TIMES

     ✓ Mindset and methodology constantly shown and applied

     ✓ Be a student of this unique style and part of something bigger


A short 2 minutes video quickly explaining everything you need to know


Frequently Asked Questions

1What differentiates you from competitors?
There is nothing out there similar to this, not even close; this is a unique offer for an extremely cheap price. Most competitors give you 9 different semi-indicators and tell you to find “the perfect combination” on your own; very nice of them but in short you do all the hard work; we can offer you that for free. This package has been made to show you all the ins and outs and make you progress exceptionally fast.
‎You will get the exact same system we use with lessons about it and trading in general, access to a serious community and see what Victor thinks of the market in real time. You also have a chance of getting a 1 to 1 coaching not available any other way. Virtually every person that has used the system and been trained has made money or progressed extensively. And all of this in a simple manner!
2Is there a tutorial?
Absolutely, even when joining the free trial you will get access to a video explaining how the Fearless Power Suite functions. For members, you get access to an in depth training program to learn everything you need to see the market exactly like us. This will combine pure trading knowledge and real examples of using the system! Our Trading King will show you exactly how he thinks and what should be done in precise situations.
3I’m a complete beginner, is this for me?
If you are a complete beginner meaning you have not taken a single trade in your life or don’t know simple terms (moving average, support level, resistance level, RSI, etc…) then this is not for you. Our goal is not to sell this to everyone and truthfully at your level you shouldn’t pay for anything. The basics are available for free online! Send us a message and we will be glad to help you for free.
This is for people who have already some understanding of how the market works, have taken at least a few trades left and right and now want to have an edge on the market. If you have already watched YouTube videos about trading or crypto trading for a little while you are already more qualified.
4Will you help me? What if I’m not sure what to do?
Of course, there is a customer service in case you have any troubles with the system and when it comes to trading you will get real time updates on Victor’s thoughts with explanations. There will be 2 videos weekly and regular updates to minimize risk and increase your profits. Your hand will be held every step of the way.
5Is there a community? How is it?
Imagine you had a group of serious trader friends with whom you talked strategies and shared opinions on the market and drank a beer or two with them afterwards. This is how it is, we only want clear minded people but great vibes and a cool atmosphere makes it enjoyable for everyone! “The Kingdom” is waiting for you ;)
6Do you share signals?
Shortly put, no. The main purpose is to make you progress as fast as possible, not blindly copy trades. However when it comes to swing trades that we believe everyone has the time to take and are relatively safe we will share them so everyone can benefit and have the time to take them. Targets and exact plans will be given every week on the market rest assured, but for day trades it’s much harder to share them.
7Are there any guarantees?
Virtually every person that has used the system and been trained has made money or progressed extensively. Trading is a long and not an easy journey so nothing can be guaranteed. Just like owning a Lamborghini won’t make you win every street race, but will it give you an unfair advantage compared to others? YES
You can also have a 1 day free trial, we don’t ask for your billing information!
8How to get started?
It’s incredibly easy to get started! You will directly receive an email giving you access to the library of trading videos and an access will be granted to your TradingView account so you can start using the Fearless Power Suite shortly afterwards. It’s recommended you also join the discord server and you are ready to live the full experience.
9Does it work for any market?
Yes! Some functions of the system however use the Volume so if your chart doesn’t show any volume at the bottom a few elements will not show. However, 99% of the time this is not an issue and for everything crypto related we’ve never had issues.
10Is this fully automated, will it trade for me?
Alice, it’s time to go back in wonderland. Fully automated bots work for a few months then the environment changes and they don’t work anymore. This is why you never see a fully automated bot being promoted for years.
Trust us, a system is more powerful it combines the best of both worlds, human intelligence and the robotic part. If you are still unsure about our words be sure to test a bot and come back in a few months, we’ll still be here :)


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